Tech Talk Archive - 50:50

Is 50:50 Out?

Is 50:50 out? It is, if you are only thinking about 50:50 weight distribution between both skis. With today’s equipment, to be truly effective in a turn, you need to get both skis equally engaged; however, the natural external forces we experience when turning tend to settle more weight on the outside ski. The bigger the turn, and the faster we travel, the more weight will be sensed over the outside ski. Simply evening up the weight distributed from foot to foot, will only decrease the ability of the edge to grip and hamper performance.

Fortunately, moving body weight over the ski edge is ONLY ONE of several ways to engage the edge: pressuring the edge, leveraging against our equipment, and tightening the radius of the turn are just a few of the ways to engage our edges. If our goal is to make each ski equally effective (50:50) in the turn, then  we need to master flexion movements, extension movements, leveraging movements, and, yes, weight distribution movements.

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