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Can You Do It On Dry Ground?

How often have you to tried to ski on one ski without success?  Maybe the problem, is that you can't stay in balance while flexing and extending on one leg on dry flat ground!

Try flexing and extending in front of a mirror. When you lift one foot do you immediately adjust your stance to balance over the other foot?  When you flex, do you move your hips and/or shoulders to stay in balance?

Notice in the example below how I stay in balance as I flex and extend.

Good Flex

In order to effectively transition from one turn to the next, on one ski, a skier must be able to flex and extend in the direction of the new turn. If our hips and shoulders are contorting to stay in balance, then it is likely we are not in the proper stance to allow us to move with our ski toward the new turn.

Notice, in the next example, how I contort my body to stay in balance.

Bad Flex

Without a balanced stance on one, or both skis, appropriate directional movements are impossible. To master one ski skiing, first master your stance and balance skills on one leg, on dry land.  Then take it to the slopes.

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